A different girl one year after surgery

September 15, 2016

Looking at her now you would not believe it is the same girl that went into the operating theatre a year ago.

Since undergoing the surgery Amy has achieved remarkable things that no one expected of her when she was lying, swollen and aching, in a hospital bed that time ago.

She is back to the strong, focused and mainly carefree girl that everyone around her came to know.

She still considers her greatest achievement to be winning the grand final in the post-surgery season, however this is not the only obstacle Amy has overcome in the 12-months.

It took time, but she is now back to doing everything she could before the surgery and more.

She worked hard to improve her fitness and health after losing significant weight and muscle mass following the operation and is now the fittest she has ever been.

She recently became female Club Champion at Echuca Lawn Tennis Club and her beloved Echuca United netball club was presented with ‘team of the year’ at the annual Sportstar Awards.

Getting her license has been a significant aspect to her recovery as it meant she would no longer rely on others in getting around.

For Amy, the surgery gave her the independence that she missed out on when turning 18 and without it she would still be experiencing constant worry about when and where the next seizure would occur.

The response from the people around her has been overwhelming with complete strangers congratulating Amy on her success as her story has become better known.

Those who did know Amy prior to the surgery were shocked by the news of her operation and the results, however since finding out the support they have shown her has been incredibly humbling.

Amy still can’t understand why her story has received so much interest and doesn’t believe what she has overcome is as impressive as what everyone else feels.

She can only put it down to the inconceivable pace at which she managed to recover from her operation and get back into training and playing at a competitive level of netball.

The unexpected result of discovering the tumour was cancerous has also added to people’s intrigue in her story.

The outcome is something that Amy is still coming to terms with and struggles to cope by despite her brave exterior.

The tablets she takes on a daily basis are a constant reminder of this fact.

Although she mainly kept the information to herself in the early stages, she’s comfortable talking about her situation now that it is out in the open.

To her if people want to ask questions they can and when she doesn’t want to discuss the topic they soon ‘get the hint’.

Amy doesn’t see herself as a cancer patient as her experiences at the hospital with various scans are things that many people have to go through without having the disease.

However, she admits that once the tumour starts to return and further treatment is required she will most likely begin to see herself as one.

Hence why Amy intends to make the most out of every day while not having to deal with this prospect.

The greatest change in herself that has come from the surgery is her motivation to go hard at everything she does instead of sitting back and relaxing.

She is constantly on the move, actively keeping busy and pushing herself to try new things.

She has committed herself to coaching again this season and has secured a traineeship at Echuca Specialist School to pursue her passion in early childhood education.

In the future Amy is hoping to spend time travelling and can do so without the concern of seizures.

She now places more focus on what she enjoys doing and views the surgery as a wake-up call to live life and not get caught doing things that make her unhappy because it is something she feels she has to do.

Her biggest concern for the future is the return of the tumour and how serious it will be, however her surgeon’s believe that shouldn’t be a worry for another ten-years.

Until then she is looking to experience more successful years like the one just gone with a clearer understanding of what it means to live a fulfilling life despite having to overcome obstacles along the way and another successful netball season set firmly in her sites.

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